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Keep Yourself Cool During Hot Days with High Pressure Misting & Fogging System

A breakthrough way to stay cool on hot days has been introduced; the High Pressure Misting & Fogging Systems. These innovative cooling systems are practically trouble free and will serve its owner for many years to come. They function very well when used either indoors or outdoors. You will be able use them inside the dining area as well as outside on your veranda.

Green houses can benefit from such a system as it helps to keep humidity in the atmosphere and likewise helps to protect the plants against wilting on days when the temperature is very hot; on some occasions, these systems turned out to be very helpful for the plants to greatly exceed their normal production. This may be the first time for many people to hear about such sort of system.

It makes use of mist nozzles along with a highly pressurized water pump to release tiny water drops above an area while keeping everything away from getting wet; also it doesn’t leave any water residue on equipment and furniture.

The fans of the system oscillate and sprays a very fine mist at more than 5 feet or 6 feet ahead, completely making the air dry and reducing the temperature of the air 25 degrees. The mist gets put below 1000 PSI resulting to high pressure and completely evaporating the mist; the same as the 6-ton air conditioner. The fans, however, can be set not to oscillate or towards an unchanging direction. You can buy this high pressure systems by surfing the net, where you can find a number of websites that sell them. You may go for the portable type of misting fans, if not a complete misting variety that comes with its very own mist lines as well as mist nozzles of stainless steel material. Such systems are fitted with the use of above the head water lines much similar to how the fire sprinkler systems are installed. The water in a fine mist is scattered downwards.

Installing the system in the home will help create a pretty spectacle for the home. You should not worry about the pets you have either; you will find that these systems are specially designed to keep your pets cool as well. You can choose from the 12-inch to the 48-inch fans according to which type you want; you can also choose to install it on the machine itself or on the wall, floor, or pedestal.

Work spaces like restaurants as well as zoo exhibits make use of the high pressure misting and fogging systems to cool down the animals and to create some mist effect, which the animals love and is somewhat an attraction all on its own. They are also beneficial for livestock on the farms. Whenever your livestock feels a lot more comfortable, it is very likely that they can produce more food.

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